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Product details

CZ series surge protector is suitable for PT, IT, IT-S, TN-S, TN-C, TN-C-S and other power supply systems with AC 50/60Hz, 220/400V and below. The design is based on the requirements of IEC61643-A, GB18802.1, GB50057, and is usually installed in the low-voltage main distribution cabinet of the building incoming line.

                        model number




Standard Discharge Current In(8/20)




Maximum discharge current        





protection level   Up




(Front-end recommended special  

     backup protector)








Type 2

Protection mode

1P   2P   3P   4P   2+PE   4+PE   1+NPE   3+NPE

Optional shapes


nominal voltage  Un


Continuous-running Voltage Uc


work environment


relative humidity


Failure indication

Normal green or colorless, failing red or black


Dry contact (14-11 normally open, 11-12 normally closed)

Test basis

GB18802.1      IEC61643-11

I. electrical instrument measurement

1. The megohm meter terminals are L, E and G, which represent L (line), E (ground) and G (shielding).

2. Measuring insulation resistance with 500V meter for ac and dc low-voltage factory motor below 380V. The insulation of the motor resistance shall be not less than 0.5 M Ω.

3, 6 kv motor insulation should be measured using the 2500 V V shake table measurement, measured insulation resistance should be greater than 6 m Ω.

4, generator rotor winding insulation resistance measured with 500 v shaking table, insulating value shall not be less than 0.5 M Ω.

5. The secondary rated voltage of the voltage transformer is generally 100V, and the secondary rated current of the current transformer is generally 5A.

6. When measuring the insulation resistance of electrical equipment, the insulation dampness is generally judged by measuring the absorption ratio. When the absorption ratio is greater than 1.3, the insulation is good; Close to 1 indicates that the insulation is affected by moisture.

7, the head of the multimeter is the main component of the multimeter, it is the use of high sensitivity of the magnetoelectric dc ammeter.

Ii. Motor part

1. The principle of the induction motor is that when the three-phase winding flows through the three-phase symmetrical ac current, the rotating magnetic field will be generated. The magnetic force of the magnetic field will cut the wire on the rotor to induce the current.

2. Under normal circumstances, the squirrel cage rotor motor is allowed to start twice in cold state, and each time interval is not less than 5 minutes, and the motor is allowed to start once in hot state. Only in case of accident or the starting time is not more than 2-3 seconds, the motor can start once more.

3. The three-phase unbalance current of the ac motor shall not exceed 10% of the rated value, and the current of any one phase shall not exceed the rated value.

4. The insulation resistance of 6KV high voltage factory motor shall be measured under the same environment and temperature. If the current measurement is less than 1/3 ~ 1/5 times of the previous measurement value, the reason shall be checked and the absorption ratio "R60/R15" shall be measured, which shall be greater than 1.3.

5, the motor can be rated voltage, power supply frequency l % change in operation, its rated output unchanged.

6. When the stator three-phase current is unbalanced, negative sequence current will be generated.

Chapter three: generators

1. The maximum stator voltage of the generator shall not be more than 110% of the rated voltage, and the minimum voltage shall not be less than 90% of the rated voltage, and shall meet the requirements of the factory voltage.

2. The normal operating frequency of the generator should be maintained at 50Hz, and the allowable variation range is 0.2hz. The generator can be operated continuously according to rated capacity. When the frequency changes, the stator current, excitation current and the temperature of each part shall not exceed the rated value.

3. The stator voltage of the generator is allowed to change within the rated value range of 5%. When the power factor is the rated value, its rated capacity remains unchanged. However, when the generator voltage is below 95% of the rated value, the allowed value of the long-term stator current shall not exceed 105% of the rated value.

4. The purity of hydrogen for generator operation shall not be less than 96% and the oxygen content shall be less than 2%.

5. Rated power factor of generator is 0.85. When the excitation regulator is put into automatic operation, the power factor of the generator without phase advance test is allowed to operate for a long time within the range of 0.95 ~ 1 of the delayed phase. When the power factor changes, the active and reactive power under the power factor should not exceed the p-q output curve range under the hydrogen pressure at that time.

6. The speed of the active load increase after the generator is parallel is determined by the turbine. The speed of the reactive load increase is not limited, but the stator voltage change should be monitored.

7. The three-phase voltage of the stator shall rise steadily and the rotor current shall not exceed the no-load value during the voltage boost of the generator.

8. Generator time-limited overload protection reflects the size of generator stator current.

The overvoltage protection of the stator windings of the generator reflects the terminal voltage.

The negative sequence overcurrent protection with fixed time limit of the generator reflects the magnitude of the negative sequence current of the generator stator and prevents the surface of the generator rotor from overheating.

11. The four limiting factors on the p-q curve of the generator are stator winding heating, rotor winding heating, stator end core heating and stable operation limit.

12. Generator reverse power protection, used to protect steam turbine.

13. When the generator is in normal operation, the three-phase imbalance value of the stator current generally cannot exceed 10% of the stator rating value.

Within 14, water cooled generator stator line bar interlayer temperature difference between the highest and lowest temperature of stator line bar water diversion pipe 8 ℃ or when water temperature difference of 8 ℃, should report to the police and find out the reason, can load down processing at this time.

Within 15, water cooled generator stator line bar temperature of 14 ℃ or stator water diversion pipe out of the water temperature of 12 ℃, or any of the stator slot between the inner temperature measuring temperature over 90 ℃ or out of the water temperature exceeds 85 ℃, the temperature measuring device is verified, to avoid major accidents occurred, should immediately stop, backwash and relevant inspection processing.

Chapter iv transformer

The transformer is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, a kind of alternating current voltage and current into the same frequency, but the value of different voltage and current.

2. The full stop of the main transformer cooler is allowed to operate under the rated load. If the load is small and the oil temperature on the upper layer of the main transformer does not reach the specified value, it is allowed to rise to the specified value, but the maximum operating time of the main transformer shall not exceed 60 minutes.

3, oil-immersed natural cooling and oil-immersed forced-air cooling transformers, the maximum allowable values of the top oil temperature should not exceed 95 ℃, should not be commonly more than 85 ℃.

4. When the secondary circuit of gas protection is one-point grounded, the heavy gas protection shall be switched to the signal position.

5, forced oil circulation air-cooled transformer top oil temperature is generally not more than 75 ℃, the highest do not exceed 85 ℃.

6. The applied primary voltage of the transformer shall not exceed 105% of the rated value of the tap, and the secondary side of the transformer can carry rated current.

7, sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable gas, its performance is very stable.

Electrical components

1, 6 kv switch cabinet has "five prevention" mechanical lock, general use force mechanical lock locking function is car switch in the switching state, unable to move in the closing state, breaker and grounding, the switch can't push the car into the working position, switch in the work place, can't close the grounding knife switches, knife switches, can't open the switch cabinet tailgate.

2. After all isolation switches are closed, the three-phase contact must be checked for good contact.

3. Before closing the grounding switch, it is necessary to make sure that the power switches on the relevant sides are at the disconnected position and proceed after no voltage is detected.

4. If the loaded broach brake occurs, it shall be closed promptly before the arc is broken. If the arc is broken, it is forbidden to close it again. In case of load closing, it is forbidden to disconnect again.

5. When there is no switch in the circuit, the isolation switch can be used to balance the loop current with the pull-in voltage not exceeding 10KV and the current below 70A.

6. If the isolation switch is found to be heated, the load of the equipment shall be reduced until no heat is generated, and the ventilation and cooling shall be strengthened. If the heat is serious, the equipment shall be stopped for treatment.

7, the battery in the power plant as a control and protection of the dc power supply, has the advantages of stable voltage, reliable power supply.

8, the active material on the positive plate of the battery is lead dioxide, the active material on the negative plate is spongy lead.

9. The capacity of a battery is 1200AH. If the battery is discharged at a current of 100A, the continuous power supply time is 12 hours.

10. The purpose of the circuit breaker is to connect or disconnect the circuit under normal conditions; When the fault occurs, the fault current can be automatically cut off, and when needed, the fault current can be automatically overlapped, playing a role in both control and protection.

11, circuit breaker oil is the role of arc, insulation.

12. The functions of the high-voltage isolation switch are :(1) to connect or disconnect the allowed load circuit; (2) create an obvious disconnect point to ensure personal safety; (3) cooperate with circuit breaker to change operation mode.

13. Insulation of high voltage isolation switch mainly includes: ground insulation; Fracture insulation.

14, the circuit breaker according to the extinguishing medium can be divided into: gas medium circuit breaker, liquid medium circuit breaker, vacuum circuit breaker.

15. In order to increase the cross-section current flow of the bus, the number of parallel buses is often used to solve the problem. However, the more parallel buses there are, the more uneven the current distribution will be.